150. Reverse Cowgirl

Sex position #150 - Reverse Cowgirl. (cowgirl, from behind, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image



Sex is a perfect excuse to rip the mask and show your real face, to realize the most depraved desires, which have been long hovering in your mind. The man lies on his back, legs are straight, slightly driven apart, the head is raised. The woman sits on top of the male partner back to him, her legs are bent in knees and feet are stretched out along the body of the male partner. With one hand she holds the man’s knee, with the second hand she removes her hair and turns half-turn, opening her breasts to the male partner. The man puts one hand on the woman’s waist and with the second one he fondles her breast.

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  1. angie lette

    well I’m gong to try something new

    1. Murphy Brown

      I’m extremely nervous to try this. Tomorrow is my bf birthday n he really wants me to do this.

      1. Dawn M Herbert

        How did it work out? Because after 8 years with my bf i am finally going to ride him, i told him i have no clue what i am doing?

    2. Hola Alice Bryant

      My babe am I are going to try these

    3. Gautam Dhaduk

      Let’s do

  2. Luis

    I just tried and it’s great

  3. Indian prince

    Very hard for Female paetner

  4. Bob

    My dick is only 3 inches erect

    1. thog

      sounds like a you problem

  5. Bob

    3 inches what the hell you gonna do with that

  6. Lonely boy

    when I tried it with a man ontop of me, he kept moaning and groaning like a horse. He seemed to enjoy it.

    So it was great for us

  7. Lisy

    Wow, need someone now

    1. Jerry

      I’m free

    2. Gerry

      Am here for you with 8 inches

    3. John

      Where you at. I got you

  8. Momma joe

    I tried ice cream and that was the best shit I have ever done. Let me tell ya what sunny. Chocolate chip is the best.

  9. Bob Marley

    Okay people be careful with this position-statistics show that 50% of the time a dick gets broken it’s from this position seriously

  10. Peter

    One of the best ever!

  11. Maybenot

    My boyfriend and I have tried this a couple of times but it doesn’t work out. Idk if his dick it’s too short or it’s me doing it wrong….

    1. Big Mike

      Perhaps you need a Man with a bigger Cadillac.

  12. Mandy

    Comment…mehn,it’s painful


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